About Malo Sunce


MALO-SUNCE is a family business specializing in the Helichrysum italicum (or immortelle) plant cultivation, processing and production of its essential oil, hydrolate and cosmetics. 



Our Plantations

Our plantations are located near the Adriatic Sea in the picturesque region of Herzegovina, perfect for growing Helichrysum italicum native to only a few countries in the world.

We are uniquely positioned to take care of the entire production process, from growing the plants to the final goods. This enables us to vouch for the highest quality and uncompromising eco-friendly values ​​of our brand. 

Immortelle Essential Oils - The Factory

trust and commendation

We are proud of our company’s products which have gained trust and commendation in the international market.

Our immortelle oil and hydrolate are certified by ECOCERT – a leading organic certification organization headquartered in France with a network in more than 130 countries. 

Immortelle Essential Oil Image - Plant rows in Greenhouse
Immortelle Essential Oil Image Plant Close up

traditional agricultural methods

When cultivating the plants, we adhere to traditional agricultural methods abstaining from the use of pesticides and herbicides.

And, although a lot of intensive manual labour and care are invested in the process, the results are rewarding. 


Our Immortelle products are manufactured using traditional methods and have gained a strong reputation in the international market. For more information and to make a purchase click here